Huge List Of Sugar mills

List Of Sugar Mills

S.No. Name Place District
1 Nyoli Sugar Mills Nyoli Etah
2 The Kisan Co-operative Sugar Mills Ltd. Saatha Aligarh
3 Chhata Sugar Co.Ltd. Chhata Mathura
4 The Kisan Co-operative Sugar Mill Sathiyav Azamgarh
5 Kisan Co-operative Sugar Mill Ltd. Ghosi Mau
6 The Kisan Co-operative Sugar Mill Ltd. Rasra Ballia
7 U.P.State Sugar Corporation Ltd. Unit-Bareilly Bareilly
8 J.K.Sugar Mill Meerganj Bareilly
9 Kisan Co-operative Sugar Mills Ltd. Semikhera Bareilly
10 Oswal Overseas Ltd. Sugar Division Nawabganj Bareilly
11 Kesar Enterprises Ltd. Sugar Division Baheri Bareilly
12 The Kisan Co-operative Sugar Mills Sekhupur Badaun
13 L.H. Sugar Factory Ltd. Pilibhit Pilibhit
14 The Kisan Co-operative Sugar Mills Vishalpur Pilibhit
15 The Kisan Co-operative Sugar Mills Puranpur Pilibhit
16 The Kisan Co-operative Sugar Factory Majhola Pilibhit
17 Roza Sugar Works Roza Shahjhanpur
18 The Kisan Co-operative Sugar Mills Ltd. Tilhar Shahjhanpur
19 The Kisan Co-operative Sugar Mills Ltd. Puvayan Shahjhanpur
20 Govindnagar Sugar Co. Ltd. Walterganj Basti
21 The Basti Sugar Mills Co.Ltd. Basti Basti
22 U.P.State Sugar Corporation Ltd. Unit-Munderwa Basti
23 Khalilabad Sugar Mills Pvt. Ltd. Khalilabad Basti
24 Indo Gulf Industries Ltd. (Sugar Unit) Mezapur Gonda
25 U.P.State Sugar Corporation Ltd. Unit-Nawabganj Gonda
26 U.P.State Sugar Corporation Ltd. Jarwal Road Bahraich
27 The Kisan Co-operative Sugar Mills Nanpara Bahraich
28 Chilvaria Sugar Works Ltd. Chilvaria Bahraich
29 Balrampur Sugar Mills Ltd. Unit Babhnan Gonda
30 Balrampur Sugar Mills Ltd. Balrampur Balrampur
31 M/s Tulsipur Sugar Co. Ltd. Tulsipur Balrampur
32 K M Sugar Mills Co. Ltd. Motinagar Faizabad
33 Kisan CO-operative Sugar Mills Ltd. Sultanpur Sultanpur
34 D.S.M.Sugar Barabanki Rozagaon Faizabad
35 Barabanki Sugar Mill Barabanki Barabanki
36 U.P.State Sugar Corporation Ltd. Unit-Budhwal Barabanki
37 Saraya Sugar Mills Ltd. Sardarnagar Gorakhpur
38 U.P.State Sugar Corporation Ltd. Unit-Pipraich Gorakhpur
39 Dhuriyapur Kisan Co-operatiopn Sugar Mills Ltd. Harpur Gajpur Gorakhpur
40 U.P.State Sugar Corporation Ltd. Unit-Siswabazar Maharajganj
41 U.P.State Sugar Corporation Ltd. Unit-Ghughli Maharajganj
42 U.P.State Sugar Corporation Ltd. Bhatni Deoria
43 Pratappur Sugar & Industries Ltd. Pratappur Deoria
44 Deoria Sugar Mills Deoria Deoria
45 U.P.State Sugar Corporation Ltd. Betalpur Deoria
46 The Kanojia Sugar & General Manufacturing Co.Ltd. Kaptanganj Kushinagar
47 Gangeshwar Sugar Mills Ltd. Ramkola (P) Kushinagar
48 Kanpur Sugar Works Ltd. Padrona Factory Branch Kushinagar
49 Kanpur Sugar Works Ltd. Kathkuiya Factory Branch Kushinagar
50 The United Provinces Sugar Co.Ltd. Sevrahi Kushinagar
51 U.P.State Sugar Corporation Ltd. Unit-Khadda Kushinagar
52 U.P.State Sugar Corporation Ltd. Unit-Chhitoni Kushinagar
53 U.P.State Sugar Corporation Ltd. Unit-Ramkola (K) Kushinagar
54 U.P.State Sugar Corporation Ltd. Unit-Luxmiganj Kushinagar
55 JHV Sugar Corporation Ltd. Gadora Maharajganj
56 Anandnagar Sugar Mill Maharajganj Maharajganj
57 Gauri Bazar Sugar Mill Deoria Deoria
58 The Kisan Co-operative Sugar Mills Ltd. Kayamganj Farrukhabad
59 Ghatampur Sugar Co.Ltd. Ghatampur Kanpur Deh.
60 U.P.State Sugar Corporation Ltd. Unit-Hardoi Hardoi
61 Kitply Industries Ltd. (Sugar Unit) Roopapur Hardoi
62 Sarju Co-operative Sugar Mills Ltd. Belraya Khiri
63 The Kisan Co-operative Sugar Mills Ltd. Mahmoodabad (Avadh) Sitapur
64 Ghaghra Sugar Ltd. Ajwapur Khiri
65 U.P.State Sugar Corporation Ltd. Unit-Maholi Sitapur
66 Avadh Sugar Mills Ltd. Hargaon Sitapur
67 The Sexeria Biswan Sugar Factory Ltd. Biswan Sitapur
68 Ramgarh sugar Mills Ramgarh Sitapur
69 Govind Sugar Mills Ltd. Mera State Khiri
70 Bajaj Hindustan Ltd. Gola Gokarn Nath Khiri
71 Nandganj Sihori Sugar Co. Ltd. Dariyapur R.Bareilly
72 Bajaj Hindustal Ltd. Paliakala Khiri
73 Kisan Co-operative Sugar Mill Sampurnanagar Khiri
74 Kamlapur Sugar & Industries Ltd. Kamlapur Sitapur
75 UP State Sugar Mill Corporation Ltd. Bulandsahar B.Shahar
76 The Kisan Co-operative Sugar Mill Ltd. Anoopsahar B.Shahar
77 Agota Sugar & Chemicals Bhajoria B.Shahar
78 Dorala Sugar Works Dorala Meerut
79 U.P.State Sugar Corporation Ltd. Unit-Sakoti Tanda Meerut
80 U.P.State Sugar Corporation Ltd. Unit-Mohadinpur Meerut
81 U.P.State Sugar Corporation Ltd. Unit-Maliana Meerut
82 Bagpat Co-operative Sugar Mills Ltd. Bagpat Baghpat
83 Ramala Co-operative Sugar Mills Ltd. Ramala Baghpat
84 SVEC Sugar Mills Ltd. Malakpur Baghpat
85 Modi Sugar Mills Ltd. Modinagar Ghaziabad
86 The Simbholi Sugar Mills Ltd. Simbholi Ghaziabad
87 Mawana Sugar works Mawana Meerut
88 The Kasipur Co-operative Sugar Mills Ltd. Orai S.R. Nagar
89 Ajudhiya Sugar Mills Raja Ka Sahaspur Moradabad
90 U.P.State Sugar Corporation Ltd. Amroha J.F.Nagar
91 The Kisan Co-operative Sugar Mills Ltd. Gajrola Hasanpur J.F.Nagar
92 Chadha Sugar Pvt.Ltd. Dhanora J.F.Nagar
93 Vinus Sugar Ltd. Shiv Shakti Nagar Majhawali Moradabad
94 Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd. Asmoli Moradabad
95 U.P.State Sugar Corporation Ltd. Unit-Rampur Rampur
96 Rudra Bilas Kisan Cooperative Sugar Mills Ltd. Bilaspur Rampur
97 U.P.State Sugar Corporation Ltd. Unit-Bijnore Bijnore
98 The Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd. Dhampur Bijnore
99 U.P.State Sugar Corporation Ltd. Chandpur Bijnore
100 Upper Gangej Sugar & Industries Ltd. Syohara Bijnore
101 Kisan Cooperative Sugar Mills Ltd. Snehroad,Nazibabad Bijnore
102 Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Ltd. Bundki Bijnore
103 M/s Diwan Sugars Ltd. Agrawalpur Moradabad
104 The Kisan Sugar Mills Ltd. Nanota Saharanpur
105 The Kisan Co-operative Sugar Factory Ltd. Sarsawan Saharanpur
106 U.P.State Sugar Cor-poration Ltd. Unit Vidvi Saharanpur
107 Shakumbhari Sugar & Alied Industries Ltd. Todarpur Saharanpur
108 Gangeshwar Sugar Mills Ltd. Deoband Saharanpur
109 Monet Industries Ltd. Sugar Industries Uoon Muzz.Nagar
110 The Ganga Kisan Co-operative Sugar Mills Ltd. Morna Muzz.Nagar
111 Titavi Sugar Complex Titavi Muzz.Nagar
112 U.P.State Sugar Corporation Ltd. Unit-Rohanakala Muzz.Nagar
113 Upper Do-aab Sugar Mills Shamli Muzz.Nagar
114 Tikola Sugar Mills ltd. Tikola Muzz.Nagar
115 Mansorpur Sugar Mills Ltd. Mansoorpur Muzz.Nagar
116 Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd. Unit-Khatoli Muzz.Nagar
117 M/s Dayaram Sugar Mills Gajal Heri Saharanpur
118 U.P.State Sugar Corporation Ltd. Unit-Shahganj Jaunpur
119 M/s Nandganj Sihori Co. Ltd. Nandganj Gazipur
120 Anand agro Chem, Ladhaua Aligarh Aligarh
121 Uttam Sugar Mill, Barkatpur Bijnore Bijnore
122 Dwarikeshpuram Chinni Mill, Afzalgarh Bijnore Bijnore
123 Naglamal Chinni Mill, Naglamal Meerut Meerut
124 Parle Biscuit Pvt. Ltd., Kesarganj Bahraich Bahraich
125 Triveni Engineering, Sabitgarh Bulandsahar B.Shahar
126 DSCL Sugar Works, Loni Hardoi Hardoi
127 DSCL Sugar Works, Hariyaon Hardoi Hardoi
128 Triveni Engineering Ltd.,Chandanpur JP Nagar J.F.Nagar
129 Uttam Sugar Mills Ltd., Khaikheri Muzzaffarnagar Muzz.Nagar
130 DCM Sugar Mill, Rajpura Badaun Badaun
131 Dalmiya CM, Jhawarpur Sitapur Sitapur
132 Simbhaoli Sugar Mill, Brijnathpur Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
133 Triveni Engineering Ind. Ltd., Raninagal Moradabad Moradabad
134 Uttam Sugar Mills Ltd, Shermau Saharanpur Shahjhanpur
135 Triveni Engineering Ind Ltd., Narainpur Rampur Rampur
136 Khumbi Sugar Mill, Khumbi Kheri Khiri
137 Dalmiya Chinni Mill, Neghoi Shahjhanpur Shahjhanpur
138 Rana Sugar Ltd., Belwara Moradabad Moradabad
139 Haidergarh Chinni Mill, Haidergarh Barabanki Barabanki
140 Mankapur Chinni Mill, Mankapur Gonda Gonda
141 Bajaj Hindustan Ltd., Kinauni Meerut Meerut
142 Bajaj Hindustan Ltd., ThanaBhawan Muzzaffarnagar Muzz.Nagar
143 Bajaj Hindustan Ltd., Gangnoli Saharanpur Saharanpur
144 Bajaj Hindustan Ltd., Bhesana Bhudana Muzzaffarnagar Muzz.Nagar
145 Bajaj Hindustan Ltd., Belai Bijnore Bijnore
146 Bajaj Hindustan Ltd, Khambakhera Kheri Khiri
147 Bajaj Hindustan Ltd., Barkhera Pilibhit Pilibhit
148 Balrampur Chinni Mills Ltd., Mijhorha Ambedkarnagar Amb. Nagar
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